Switch Toys

Switch toys for children with severe motor disabilities

Children with severe motor impairments cannot access toys normally. Playing with toys is not only educational and motivating but is a wonderful way for children to experience cause and effect.  Adapting a toy to be used with a switch is a simple way to allow a child with severe motor impairments to play.  How this works is that a simple switch is connected to the battery operated toy, and when the child activates the switch by pressing it (with that part of their body over which they have the most control e.g. head, chin, foot, elbow, or hand), the toy will then "come to life" and either make a noise or move etc. 

Wiseman Makhatini converts battery operated toys to accommodate switch access.  Adapted toys can be ordered directly from Wiseman through his small business, SM Conversions.  Should you wish to order any of the toys shown below, Wiseman can be contacted on 083 487 7477 or via our office line 031 708 1785.  

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